PittSmartLiving Demo at Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo

Our project is participating in the NSF Smart and Connected Communities PI meeting and in the Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo this week, in Denver, CO.

If you are attending, make sure to stop by our booth tomorrow for a demo:

Motivating Pro-Social Behavior

Would you take a later bus if a mobile app told you the next bus would be full and gave you $3 off coffee? The PittSmartLiving project (https://pittsmartliving.org) is building infrastructure to make that a reality, by providing real-time information to commuters along with such incentives from nearby businesses. In addition to developing a holistic urban transportation system that balances utilization across both public transportation networks and local businesses, we plan to design and evaluate the market mechanism that integrates and aligns the incentives of various stakeholders, to motivate pro-social transportation behavior.

Booth #25, NSF, Smart and Connected Communities