News Coverage for PittSmartLiving Project

Our project and, in particular, our PittSmartLiving display in the City-County Building has been featured in a great article about Digital Signage for Transport by Samsung. In the article, an expert panel discussed the biggest talking points for digital signage and transport industries, from user experience to return on investment (ROI).

In the article, Sandra Baer, President of Personal Cities said:

In terms of US cities, Seattle and Pittsburgh are great examples of digital signage for transport.

With Pittsburgh, I’m particularly excited by their collaboration with TransitScreen who offers real-time displays of transport information. The PittSmartLiving initiative utilizes TransitScreen’s data feeds to help residents and visitors navigate the city, even when they are not in a transport hub. For example, in the lobby of the City-County Building, light rail arrival times for the nearby Steel Plaza station (and much more) are publicly displayed.